The whole beau monde of Kiev gathered on this day at the Opera House and saw the "Carmen" with the participation of the favorites of the Ukrainian public Ekaterina Kukhar and Alexander Stoyanov with the soloist of the shocking group Artur Gaspar.

Our company KievBallet on June 11, 2016 held a grandiose event in the National Opera of Ukraine.

The history of the creation the world bestseller Author of acclaimed ballet is Georges Bizet. The plot was borrowed by the author of Prosper Merimee, who wrote the novel of the same name. In the production there are not all the plot lines from the novel, only the third chapter was honored to become a plot for the ballet. It should be recalled that story legendary ballet production of Carmen, is tied up on the tragic fate of Gypsy Carmen and the soldier Jose who fell in love with her. However, fate ordered that Carmen preferred the young Torero to him. The action takes place in the expanses of Spain in 1920s. Characters relationships and even the fact that Carmen eventually dies at the hands of Jose, are predetermined by fate.

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