Сюжет балета довольно запутан, здесь пираты, капитан-романтик, мятежи, грабежи, красивая история любви, многочисленные побеги плененных узников, отравленные цветы и все это под «соусом» замечательной французской романтической музыки.

The ballet "Corsair" is third masterpiece in this genre of legendary creator "Giselle" - Charles Adolph Adan. This performance was also his swan song. It is based on libretto of J. Saint-Georges on work from Lord Byron. The plot of the ballet is rather complicated, there are pirates, a romantic captain, riots, robbery, beautiful love story, numerous escapes of captured prisoners, poisoned flowers and all this under the "sauce" of wonderful French romantic music.

Corsaire are colorful, dynamic, incredibly emotional, AS A SHAMPAN SPLASH. After which the audience always leaves in an upbeat and cheerful mood.

Spectacle are colorful!! With bright costumes and decorations, and oriental notes!!! DYNAMICAL - because the theme of spectacle are about life and PIRATE FEARS! About LOVE and PASSIONS, Which capture and fascinate... EMOTIONAL - In spectacle are many beautiful spins, jumps that fans like so much!!!


Librettists of ballet performances of the XIX century Jules Henri Vernois de Saint-Georges and Joseph Mazilier painted a colorful picture about corsaires life. Since the production of spectacle, choreography has changed, musical numbers have been added, but the plot remained the same from 1856 till present day: The slave Medora, stolen by the corsair Konrad, is returned to her owner Isaac Lankedem by deception and betrayal and sells Pasha Seyid. In loved to Medora, corsair with friends enters the Pasha's palace on the shore of the Bosphorus, releases the captive and flies with her on a ship that crashes. Medora and Conrad escape, reaching the coastal cliff.

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